Friday, October 29, 2010

OSH-Management System at Workplace (OHSAS 18001)

OSH Management System?? What's that?? For sure few of workers a.k.a SHO may be akan cakap safety di tempat saya dah okey...tak ada masa la nak buat tu semua....saya tak tahu apa-apa pasal nak buat sistem tu, bos tak hantar kursus....all those sentences (alasan2 malas) will come out if talk about to set-up OSH Management System at workplace...

Actually is good to have an OSH Management System at workplace coz it will make most of SHO job become much more easier. Everything will be more systematic especially the documentation issues at SHO work station. The responsibilities of SHO can be delegate to others (Person In Charge at their work station). How to transfer the task?? I will explain about it in next topic.

The important steps to set-up the OSH Management System is by using PDCA Concept. Plan-Do-Check-Act. For example let we take the project title as to "Set-Up OHS-Management System to get the OHSAS 18001 Certification". It will be much more easier for me to elaborate it step by step. 

What is PDCA Concept ???

PDCA concept is used to coordinate continuous improvement efforts. How to use this concept to set-up the OHS-Management System at workplace? Here is what all of you should do for each step of the cycle :

1. Plan
  • Set up the targets /aims from management;
  • Brainstorming;
  • Prepared the Gantt Chart to achieved the target;
  • Plan the action that need to be done based on the activities stated in the Gantt Chart
  • Identified the key person to become the committee members to set up this project.
2. Do
  • Training to all the workers especially from the management and committee members;
  • Prepare the documentation - manual, procedure, and etc.
3. Check
  • Inspection at workplace;
  • Internal audit;
  • External audit;
  • Data analysis.
4. Act
  • Management review - implement changes;
  • Process standardization;
  • Continuously to 1st step for improvement and standardize process. 

By using this concept, it will help all of you to choose what to do at each critical steps for improvement efforts.

Thats all for today, next session I will explain more about the "planning" to achieve the target to set-up the OSH Management System at workplace.

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